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SEN Resources

Accessibility Settings


Coffee Corner 

Coffee corner was set up to provide work experience opportunities for our students with SEND who will not be able to access work experience outside the organisation. Students are timetabled for their work experience in coffee corner and undertake activities to support employability skills, communication and social interaction.

Independent Living Flat 

The Independent Living Flat is an area dedicated to our Foundation Learning students (specialist provision) where they learn everyday life skills for independent living, such as preparing food and doing the laundry.

The Flat is extremely beneficial to the students, and is an integral part of the foundation learning curriculum, preparing for adulthood.


Forest School 

Forest School Ethos

Forest School takes a holistic approach to the development on our young people. This is encouraged through role modelling, and self-discovery, rather than direct instructions. This includes the advancement of:

Social development

Emotional development

Physical development

Spiritual development

Intellectual development

Communication and language development:



The Sensory Room 

The sensory room is in place to help the students not only broaden their awareness of their senses, but to also provide them with an area to regulate and manage their emotions when they feel stressed.

Multi-Sensory Environments, or sensory rooms, have been proven to improve the development of thought, intelligence and social skills.

As well as this, sensory rooms offer those with cognitive impairments the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences.

All students with a SEND need have access to this resource.