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Trustees and Members

The Board of Trustees is made up of representatives from the community, parents and from College staff. They work very closely with the Principal, Geoff Osborne, and his senior leadership team to ensure that students receive a quality education in a safe and welcoming environment.

Whatever course or programme that your young person undertakes at the College, we want to be sure that it is a quality experience with successful outcomes.

The Board of Trustees would like to encourage you to take an active part in your child's education by ensuring that attendance is good, there is a commitment to study and that you attend parents’ evenings and College events.

We are sure that your experience with the College will be a positive one.

Please contact Tracey Norris, should you wish to get in contact with or require any further information from the Board of Trustees.


Trustee Documents

Articles of Association

Declarations of Interest

Governance Arrangements

Meeting Attendance

Governing Body Structure & Committee Set-up 2022-23 


Mother A van den Hof (appointed 11 September 2019)           

Karen Hunter (re-appointed 8 July 2020)                

Helen Laker (re-appointed 8 July 2020)   

Tomris Ibrahim (appointed on 9 Dec 2020 and resigned 11 April 2023)    

Denise Hyland (appointed on 24 May 2022)       


Fred Gichuhi (appointed by staff 9 Dec 2020) 

Valliyappan Balaguru (reappointed by members 22 May 2023)     

Jacqueline Gray (reappointed by members 22 May 2023 Chair from 8 July 2020)           

Susan Hammond (appointed by members 5 June 2019 and resigned 6 December 2022)             

Neil Jones (appointed by members 01 December 2019 and resigned 6 December 2022)             

Dominic Scarlett (reappointed by members 22 May 2023)  

Danville Berbeck (appointed by staff 8 September 2021and resigned 5.7.23)      

Paul Proctor (reappointed by members 22 May 2023) 

Andrew Stanley (appointed 8 September 2021, co-opted)  

James Demetre (appointed 7 September 2022, co-opted and resigned 5.7.23) 

Clive Mardner (reappointed by members 22 May 2023) 

Pamela Morgan (appointed 6 December 2022, Parent Trustee) 

Scott Rattray (appointed 17 January 2023, Parent Trustee) 

Spencer Drury (appointed by members 22 May 2023) 

Quality, Standards & Personal, Development, Behaviour & Attitude Committee: 
Dominic Scarlett (Chair), Spencer Drury, Fred Gichuhi, Andy Stanley 

Finance & HR Committee: 
Valliyappan Balaguru, Dominic Scarlett, Pamela Morgan 

Audit & Risk Committee: 
Clive Mardner, Jackie Gray, Paul Proctor, Scott Rattray 

Pay & Personnel Sub-Committee: 
Dominic Scarlett (Chair), Jackie Gray, Clive Mardner 

MAT Steering Group Committee: 
Jackie Gray, Paul Proctor, Andy Stanley 

Link Trustees 

Employability – Andy Stanley 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – Clive Mardner 

High Needs – Pamela Morgan 

Safeguarding – Dominic Scarlett  

Student Leadership Council – Danville Berbeck 

GDPR – Fred Gichuhi 

Estates and Health and Safety – Andy Stanley 

T Levels – Spencer Drury 

STEM – Spencer Drury 

Digital Services – Scott Rattray 


Trustees Term Length

Trustees are expected to serve a four-year term, Trustees may resign before the full four-year term if they so choose, Trustees are also free to run for another term.

Trustee Selection

Trustees are selected in accordance with DFE Academy Governance guidance. This includes appointment, peer recommendation, application or appointment via vote. Further information can be found in the Governance Arrangements attachment above.

Trustee Secure Area

Trustees have access to a secure environment on Governor Hub. 

You can find a copy of the Governance Handbook below as a downloadable attachment or by clicking this link.