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Reporting Student Absence

Click to report absence as a student

Click to report absence as a carer/parent

Below is a summary of our attendance policy and procedures. Please see the full attendance policy (this includes register marking).

We are committed to meeting our obligations in regard to college attendance by:

· Setting the expectation that attendance and punctuality is 100%.

· Acting early to address patterns of absence or those students identified as ‘at risk’ due to absence.

Reporting an absence 

(Instructions can be found at the bottom of the page.)

· Using Student Portal or Parent Portal

· Student absence line: 0208 319 9742 - Please note that messages cannot be left here, so ensure you are using the protal. 

· Please report absence before 8.30am.

Reporting to parents

· Absence for lessons is reported to parents/carers via text message.

· Parents/carers are notified of overall attendance via twice yearly parental reports.

· Parents/carers can access attendance via Parent Portal (instructions below).

Register Marking

· All students in attendance in a planned learning session are marked as present and this is a positive mark.

· A student who arrives late will be recorded as late on the register and the number of minutes late recorded, this is a positive mark, however lateness will be addressed.

· If a student is not in a lesson, they are marked absent.

· A student who has planned and agreed work experience will be marked with a positive mark.

· If a student is sick and the College is notified, then a ‘S’ mark is used in the register, this is however still a negative mark.

· If a student is more than 70 minutes late, a 'J' mark will be used to indicate the student is on site but arrived late. This is a negative mark.

· If the College has been notified that the student has a medical reason, for example the hospital or doctor’s appointment, the register is marked with an ‘M’, however this is still a negative mark.

For more information you can refer to our policy: