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I've had my interview and have an offer, what do i do now?

We’ll invite you in for a taster session in July, so look out for a letter/email then.

What is taster week and do i need to attend?

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a sample of the course you’re committing to so you can be sure it’s what you want to study. It’s strongly recommended that you attend the taster session.

my friend hasn't applied but wants to come to shooters hill Sixth Form College, is it too late?

No, they can make an application at any time, if it’s after our deadline we’ll invite them in to open enrolment.

the interviewer said i would get a letter in the post to confirm my offer, where is it?

SHC are trying hard to reduce our carbon footprint and save as many trees as possible. As such we prefer to communicate electronically, please make sure we have your up to date email and mobile number so we don’t have to waste paper.

i'm not sure i want to come to shc as i have another offer elsewhere

Keep your offer and come to enrolment anyway, you can always call us after your enrolment to decline your place.

i want to change my offer to another course, what do i do?

No problem, send us an email and we will make the switch for you.

i want to change the level of my course, what do i do?

The level you end up on will depend on the grades we see at enrolment. Even if your offer is for level 1 we will automatically bump you up if your grades are at the right level.

what happens if i fail english & maths gcse?

If you don’t have English & Maths at grade 4 you will need to retake them alongside your main course.

do i need to enrol?

Enrolment is when you register to actually be a student with us, if you don’t enrol in August when we invite you in you could lose your placement.

i'm hearing/visually impaired, will i have support at shc?

Greenwich Sensory Service ensures that any students with sensory difficulty will be supported each time we invite you for an event. In lessons you will be supported by a CSW like you were in school. In the case of mobility or anxiety needs we will pass on the students name in case we are not already aware of your needs.

i will be over 19 years old in September, can i still apply?

As we are a sixth form college, we unfortunately do not accept students who are 19 or older.

i don't know what i want to study, who can i talk to?

We recommend attending one of our open events to see what courses we have on offer, you can also email or call us at any time and we will be happy to provide course guidance.

I've completed the tasterday, whats next? 

Next you enrol! This year our enrolment process is completely digital, we will be emailing you details on the 10th July.
Don't worry, you don't need any fancy equipment, just 10 Minutes and access to the Internet via your phone or any other device.

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