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Helping to shape the future...

Here at SHC we are always encouraging members of our local community to help inform our students' views of the world. We are always in contact with local employers, residents, poets, writers and anyone else who has some knowledge to impart to our students. Our students are the next generation so it's vitally important they have a well-rounded view of the world and what better teachers of life them those who have come before them. 

How can you help?

Do you have a story to tell or a skill you can teach? Maybe you have a lifetime of experience in an area our students could benefit from? Are you an employer or rising star in your field? Whatever your background, there is almost certainly something you can offer to the young minds of tomorrow.

What do you have to do?

You can give a talk, a presentation, performance or provide a practical workshop. Whichever way you deem best to pass on your information, we will do our best to facilitate. If you are an employer, our students are always looking for work experience.

Thank you!

Your efforts and time are greatly appreciated by both our staff and students at SHC. Once you join up for our community involvement group we will invite you to all of our future events. We will also enter you for our annual community activist award presented by our students.

“I delivered an employability workshop to teach the students work skills, it was very rewarding and I even learned a few things from them!”

Jessica - Community member