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LATE Enrolment

9.30am - 3.30pm each day
No offer? No problem, you can pop in to enrol during this period.

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Enrolment Process 

1. Check-In 
Check-in with reception

2. Results Check and Photo
We will take your photo and check your grades at this stage, then we have a good idea of what courses we can recommend to you. 

3. Course Confirmation 
You'll be directed to a course tutor to discuss and confirm your choice of study programme. Need to change course? You can do that here.

4. Maths, English and Enrichment Allocation
Staff will allocate Maths and English for students who have not managed to achieve a 4+. If you achieved a 4+ at Maths and English you will be assigned an enrichment or extracurricular programme. 

5. Learners Agreement
Staff will confirm the details we have for you are correct, enrol you then print your learning agreement.

6. Photo ID Card Collection 
Our staff will print your ID card.

What you need to bring 

Qualifications - You'll need your qualifications to enrol. If you didn't take any exams and don't have any you may need to sit a Maths and English assessment.

ID - You'll need to bring a form of ID, you can bring your provisional driving licence, birth certificate or oyster card. 

Contact Details - We will need the phone numbers of two people we can contact in case of an emergency. 

Need to change the course you applied for?

No problem, you can do this on the day, just let the staff on the reception desk know you wish to switch subject, simple.

Can't make your Enrolment appointment? 

Please drop us an email here. You'll need to visit as soon as you are back if you are away when you are due to enrol.

Need Additional Learning Support?

If you need assistance with any ALS needs at enrolment please contact us


Your first week of college is called induction, during this time the college will be running several events and workshops to help you to adjust to your new environment and prepare you for your studies. These events will take place alongside your studies, so you won't miss a day of learning.

See you at Enrolment!