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Exam Access

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Exam Access Arrangements SHC

At Shooters Hill Sixthform College we start the exam access process as soon as the students start the new academic year. On receiving a referral, the exam access team will invite each student to come for an assessment. (Students with EHCPs will not require assessment but will need to confirm their exam access and sign a data protection form.)  All staff who teach/support the student will be notified of the invite. Each student will receive three opportunities to attend. This assessment includes gathering a picture of their needs, their history i.e., if they have previously had exam access and if they have received a diagnosis. We typically will prioritise those who have had exam access in the past; however, if the teacher shows that the arrangements requested are their normal way of working then this will help to confirm that this is an appropriate reasonable adjustment.

The exam access team is part of Learning Support and Include:

  • Anna McNamara (Assessor)
  • Ingrid Haynes (Assessor)
  • Lisa Madgett (Exam Access Coordinator)
  • Natisha Silah (Referral and Booking Support)