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Last game of the season and a win!

SHC Basketball Academy Team, for the Win!

Our SHC Basketball Academy team, who is coached by the amazing Cray Wanderers Academy, led our team to victory. This season we were fortunate enough to have created two teams, as we had so many students overwhelmed with joining the sport.

Since the beginning of the season, the teams were challenged and triumphed many times. But on Thursday, the SHC Basketball Academy played their last match of the season, against John Roan. 

Students gathered the Sports Hall in support of our men's 1st team. The game were fast, fun and electrifying. The crowd stomping their feet and shouting from the top of their lungs on the last few minutes of the game, Defence! Defence! Our basketball team took their rightful place as winners.

We wait to hear the overall season of results, but huge congratulations to the basketball team, and we wish them many more victories ahead in the new season!