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International Women's Day with Little Fish Theatre Company

Little Fish Theatre Company  - To Be Continued...

On Tuesday 8th March, our students here at SHC were lucky enough to have the Little Fish Theatre company come in to perform one of their productions called 'To Be Continued…'

This production, took us on a journey through examining the pressures to “be a man” and young women’s daily, normalised experiences of sexualised behaviour by young men. The performance were displayed through poetry and participatory theatre techniques, music and media.

The performance also provided places and organisations that young people can go to, to get the help and advice they may need, opening up these conversations and empowering young people to call out inappropriate behaviour.

Our students are very grateful for the experience, and are especially thankful to the Little Fish Theatre company for coming in and performing, we had an amazing time!

Read more about the performance via their website here: