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Standing in Solidarity

Racism Action Statement

As a college that has always welcomed and celebrated our uniquely diverse community, we want to publicly share our vilification of all forms of racism and reassure our community that we will not be staying silent on the matter.

We are a college with a high percentage of Black And Minority Ethnic (BAME) students, and we stand with our trustees, leadership, staff and students to condemn the death of George Floyd and all forms of racism. 
We recognise there is inequality in our society, on our streets, communities, and in our education system. SHC pledges to address and dismantle these inequalities around us.

We will continue to look inward to our everyday actions, including throughout the processes of recruitment, procurement, marketing and representation at all levels of leadership, teaching and learning.

We will also endeavour to use our influence as a college to get other educational bodies on board to listen to and discuss issues of a diverse range of backgrounds, genders and abilities and encourage them to act accordingly.

We will intentionally continue to share and highlight the work of our diverse communities, including that of our teachers and students.

We will insist on representation and equal opportunity at all levels and challenge our counterparts or decline to get involved with them if they do not strive to consistently represent minority groups.

Now and forever, SHC will be a welcoming college for people of all backgrounds and ethnicities and we thank you all for making our rich and diverse community open and welcoming for all.