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Becoming an Eco-School

At SHC, we will be attempting to earn the Eco School - Bronze Award!

Eco-Schools is a student led programme that allows schools and the community to work together to create environmental projects.

To receive a bronze award, there are three steps that we need to take.

 Step 1: The Eco-Committee

- Have students set up an Eco-Committee.
- Host an Eco-Committee meeting at least once every half-term.
- Have pupils share the responsibility with staff for organising and keeping a record of    meetings.
- Get representation from parents, governors or senior management on the Eco-Committee.
- Ensure that the Eco-Committee representatives have communication to and from the Committee to the rest of the school.

Step 2: The Environmental Review 

- The Environmental Review needs to be completed by students with help from staff. It needs to contain a review of all ten Eco-Schools topics.
- A copy of the Environmental Review must be displayed on your Eco-Board and the results needs to be shared to the rest of the school.

Eco-Schools Ten Topics
Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste and Water.

Step 3: Action Plan 

- Have the Eco-Committee produce an Action Plan that is influenced by their Environmental Review.
- The student representatives of the Eco-Committee will need to choose 3 Eco-Schools topics. Students then need to start leading the projects.
- They Eco-Committee will need to start planning. They need to decide on timescales, who is responsible for the projects and how each topic will be monitored and evaluated.
- The Eco-Committee will need to share the Action Plan with the rest of the school.
- Display a copy of the Action Plan on the Eco-Board.

Once this has been completed we will be able to receive our Bronze Award!

If you want to find out more information, head over to the Eco-Schools website.