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Cracking the Enigma code ​​​​​​​

This month we were lucky enough to welcome visitor, Tom, who brought along an Enigma Machine from Bletchley Park.

He came in to hold sessions with the students at the college to explain the history of the Enigma Machine.

The machine was mainly used during WW2 by the Nazi’s to protect military communication. However, Alan Turing, a British mathematician, was able to decipher the codes between Germany and its allies.

Tom gave the students the challenge of trying to break the code he had made for them. Students worked together to crack the code and only a few were actually successful!

Students were even lucky enough to use the Enigma Machine to see how it works and to learn how they would use it to hide communication in the mid-20th century.

Our students are very fortunate to have opportunities like this, helping them to learn more about code, or even learn something about a completely new subject.