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Do you already know what you want to study? Have you explored all our courses in the subject areas which interest you? Wherever your future is heading, we at Shooters Hill Sixth Form College have a course for you!

Make sure you really know your options and don’t immediately go for the obvious choice. The most inspiring course may be something you didn’t know existed! Take a look below at all our amazing courses!

Whether you opt to study within the Health, Social and Child Care Department, all the teachers are passionate about their subjects and want you to thrive and flourish on your chosen course.
Not only are the teachers passionate, they are dedicated to ensuring that all learners make excellent progress by ensuring they deliver their subjects using a range of teaching strategies that suits the needs of all students.

In a world where studies are continuously showing the importance of mental health within a society; the ever-improving standard of living; and the UK population is also drastically increasing, there is a growing demand for those that are knowledgeable in health, Social and Child Care.

All content is accurate as of September 2023. We reserve the right to alter or cancel courses in the event of changing demand and resources.

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