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Outcomes & Actions

  1. Anonymous staff suggestion box on hidden website page
  2. Occasional Poll or Survey on staff page when big issues arise
  3. We need dedicated staff to be checking all student contact details are valid
  4. Look into the speed absence calls and messages are being captured and relayed
  5. Regular updates on MAT progress at staff briefing
  6. Revisit and redistribute parent pro-portal sign-up details
  7. How to be outstanding action plan formed by SLT with input from staff
  8. More opportunities to bring innovative ideas and suggestions to the SLT – Forum
  9. Consider a neighbour of SHC meeting to hear concerns and also offer services of our students to local residents and businesses
  10. Consider a newsletter or pamphlet to drop off at local neighbours’ homes with a channel to let us know their concerns and let them know about the facilities we have they can use. Maybe offer a discount to city view etc.



Staff Forum Trial

Wednesday 4th December & Wednesday 5th February


All staff are welcome

How topics will be decided: Each member of staff who wishes to bring a topic will write that topic and their name on a piece of paper, fold it and drop it into a box. Once all staff are seated topics will be drawn from the box randomly.

Staff participation: All staff can offer their opinions on the given topic. The aim of this forum is to work towards solutions, share, innovate, and nurture staff creative talents. Staff can volunteer their view points and/or pledge to help action solutions, ideas and projects that arise from these discussions.