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Covid-19 Parent/Carer Update

8th January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer(s)

I hope you and your family continue to stay safe in these difficult times.

I am writing to update you about remote learning provision and expectations. SHSFC will be closed for the vast majority of our students who will now utilise remote learning provision. The College will remain open for the young persons of key workers and vulnerable students.

Live and recorded lessons will continue to be delivered remotely from Tuesday 5th January.

Your young person may have experienced a similar lockdown last academic year, where no further work or assessments were considered in the final outcome beyond the 23rd March 2020. This is not the case this academic year. Final grades will be determined by continued work, attendance and progress in lessons and online assessments until at least the last term of the academic year. Therefore, it is very important that your young person attends every online session.

In order to keep you informed of attendance a text message will be sent to the young person and parents/guardians whenever they miss a lesson.

Expectations for online learning can be found on the college website here.

Students taking vocational programmes where practical assessments are a part of the course may be able to attend college in the near future to undertake these activities. In order to keep the environment safe, a COVID testing centre has been set up at college. Students will attend in small groups and be tested at college before they enter the practical environment.  Further details will be published shortly to those concerned.

If your young person is not on site and entitled to Free School Meals, food vouchers will be sent to the student SHC email address and can be used at any Tesco store.


If your young person does not have access to appropriate technology, you should contact their Tutor as a matter of urgency so that we can support you.

Together, we will do everything to support your son / daughter in these difficult times.

Yours sincerely

Mrs J. Atkinson