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Ticket Holder Information

Dear students,

We are excited to announce the upcoming SHC Prom, which promises to be a special event as we celebrate the end of the year together. In order to ensure that everyone has a great time, we kindly ask that all attendees adhere to the following rules and regulations.

Please do not arrive before 6pm when the doors open!

Upon arrival:

• Please bring your college ID and ticket

- if you bought two tickets make sure to arrive with your pair on site so that both of you will be let in 

• You will be subject to thorough bag and body searches

• No weapons, alcohol or drugs are permitted

• Failure to comply with these requirements will result in denied entry

Inside the drama hall:

• Please act in a responsible manner

• Do not engage in any behaviour that could endanger the health, safety, or security of others

• Do not bring any forbidden items to the event

• Please be respectful to others by refraining from bullying, fighting, name-calling, and other inappropriate behaviour

• Be polite, courteous, and honest with staff, and follow their instructions

• Stay within the designated areas of the event

Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate removal from the event.

We hope that everyone has a fantastic time at the SHC Prom and enjoys this special occasion in the best possible conditions. 

It’s time for you guys to nominate yourself and your partner or who you think should be Prom Monarchy! So please email your ID and your nominees to There will also be posters around the schools were you can write your nominees. Good Luck!