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PE & School Sport Apprenticeship Case Study

Find out what it's like to study our PE Apprenticeship at SHC from one of our School Sport Apprentices.

All of our apprentices have been thoroughly enjoying their apprenticeships so far. Each apprentice is based in their own local Primary School, gaining hands-on, working experience whilst they learn.

One apprentice in particular, is so pleased with how their apprenticeship is going that they have given their tutor a write up of their experiences up to now.

Read about their experiences below:

   "This course is an ideal way of getting the experience of working in a school to confirm if I want to become a teacher. Not only am I gaining a qualification, wage and knowledge, I am also gaining the experience of working in a school, which no amount of studying can prepare you for, as every day in a school is different."

   "The course is 100% coursework, you learn and write and are not just expected to know the answers. At Shooters Hill College on Wednesdays I study in the day, but in the afternoon we shadow qualified coaches and assist in their clubs to gain experience and ideas from skilled members of staff.  Every other day I work in a primary school, teaching lessons, assisting classroom teachers, running lunchtime clubs and developing the skills to become a teacher."

   "Through the work from my college, I have been able to create resources and lesson plans, provide ideas for clubs and competitions and apply my knowledge to other members of staff, which I have learnt through shadowing and my research I have completed for the course. In the near future, I will also be completing training courses for other sports during this apprenticeship, which will further my knowledge and give me the ability to teach the sport and have ideas for drills."