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Local London Strategic Development Fund ​​​​​​​ Partnership



Shooters Hill Sixth Form College joins partnership to secure green and digital skills across the capital 

Shooters Hill Sixth Form College has joined forces with 12 other Further Education providers in the region and secured almost £2.5m to improve the region’s supply of Green Skills. 

The DfE-funded Local London Strategic Development Fund is providing much-needed capital investment to develop teaching and learning environments dedicated to green technologies. 

This pioneering partnership will focus on collaboration with employers to ensure every curriculum is driven by industry skills needs. This content will then be shared across the network to optimise consistency, quality assurance and value. 

Nine local Green Lab training centres are being funded by the project, supporting employers and learners across the 13 colleges with industry-standard facilities. 

In addition to the partnership of 13 FE colleges (list below), over 30 employers are supporting the project, together with 11 Local Authorities and five chambers of commerce.  

Alongside this project, Shooters Hill Sixth Form College is also part of the Local London Green and Digital Mayoral Academy, funded by the GLA. This is partnership of FE colleges and London Boroughs, focusing on supporting Londoners to prepare for the emerging needs of the green and digital sectors – complementing the DfE’s Strategic Development Fund. 

Collaboration is central to both projects, linking to Local Skills Improvement Plans which are putting employers and local skills needs at the centre of post-16 education. 

Sarah Murray, Director of Local London, says:

“Collaboration between education providers, businesses and local authorities is vital to identify where the green and digital jobs growth will happen and to ensure local people have the skills and training to prepare them for these exciting roles.  

“Employers on the Green and Digital Advisory Board will play a key role in helping drive this investment in the right direction. This unique project we will pave the way to contribute to social mobility and widen participation for all across the emerging green and digital sectors.” 


The full list of partners involved in this project are: 


London South East Colleges 

New City College 

Newham College 

Barnet and Southgate College 

Waltham Forest College 

Barking and Dagenham College 

Capital City College 

Capel Manor College 

New Vic 6th Form College 

Shooters Hill 6th Form  

Leyton College 6th Form 

St George Monoux College 

Lewisham College 


Other Partners: 

London First 

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