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British Physics Olympiad

Shooters Hill Sixth Form College came 24th Place out of 500 schools in Britain!

On the 7th March, 30 students participated in the Senior Physics Challenge Paper.

3998 students took part all over Britain, with the opportunity to be recognised as an outstanding young physician. The competitions are designed to test understanding and problem-solving skills and are open to  young physicists in school years 11-13 (GCSE to A2/IB/Highers or equivalent). BPHO is sponsored by Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Rolls-Royce and many other well known organisations.

The question papers are set to be stimulating, challenging students to think deeper, whilst at the same time bringing them closer to many of the latest ongoing research topics and discoveries. In combination with its dedicated university based training camps, it provides students with an intriguing path to discover more , and following this through to higher education.

This competition was a great accomplishment for the young Physicians in our A Level Science, and we are super proud of the hard work and courage put in to making it so far in the ranking.

Congratulations to all the participants and Well done to all our Shooters Hill College Sixth Form students!