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Pancake Day 2022

How do you like your Pancakes?

Foundation Learning Students celebrated Pancake Day in style. Take a look at what they got up to.

Pancakes? Coming right up.

Students learnt how to make pancakes in our newly fitted flat, covering all areas of teaching students how to live alone. This week students took their skills to the kitchen. Students were taught to measure ingredients, follow instructions, mixing for a consistent texture and keep the surfaces clean and tidy as they went along.

You can't call it pancake day, without a FLIP!

Now for the tricky bit. Students one by one, were assisted by staff in cooking their pancakes and managing the kitchen essentials. Staff kept us entertained with their best flip, or should I say the best slip! But plenty of fun and laughter. (Do not try this at home, unless supervised.)

Sugar? Honey? Chocolate?

Who's favourite part of the day, isn't picking the topping? Students were guided in dressing the pancake, folding it, and then they did the tucking in part all on their own.

I know where I'm going for my breakfast, from now on!