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Volunteering at the Covid-19 Test Centre

On Wednesday 17th March 2021, students from the Health and Social Care course volunteered at the College’s Covid test centre.

This was an opportunity for students to go behind the scenes and experience the vital role health care workers and volunteers play in the health service and across our society, recognising the difference they make by giving up their time to help others, especially during the pandemic. Volunteering is also a fantastic way for aspiring young students to develop their communication, social and practical skills.

Students learned how to carry out Covid tests safely, as well as helping students and staff at the test centre to self-test. These lateral flow tests, along with the other protective measures, help to stop the spread of the virus and helps staff and students to remain in the college safely. Everyone is encouraged to take the test. 

We asked Health & Social Care student, Chinell what it was like working at the College test centre for the day. She said:

“I do Health and Social Care which involves helping people. I want to be a mental health nurse, working here today has taught me how to interact with people, how to help them, and how to make them comfortable within the environment”.

“I’ve learnt the importance of testing, because by seeing who’s positive, we can take measures to lessen the spread of Covid around the college”.

Keep an eye out for more volunteering experiences throughout the year.