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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Right now, mental health feels more important than ever...

In support and celebration of Mental Health Awareness week, our students and staff took time at home to participate in different acts of wellbeing. 

Take a look at what our students and staff got up to during Mental Health Awareness week below: 

Business Teacher

Activity - Colouring 

 "I have had a go at colouring this week. Very therapeutic in these unprecedented   stressful times and I highly recommend it."


Activity - Drawing


Here Olivia has drawn three different characters doing three different healthy activities: reading, exercising and eating.

ICT Teacher

Activity - Multimedia Art


Activity - Healthy Cooking


During his lessons Wilfrid has developed different life skills, including cooking. He has used these skills to make some tasty home cooked meals during the lockdown. Wilfrid has learnt about different types of healthy foods and the importance of a balanced diet He decided to make this tasty looking salad for brunch. Yum!


Activity - Nature Walks in a Local Park


Hospitality Teacher

Activity - Spending time with nature in the back garden


In addition to these different activities, our teachers also took part in:

  • Nature walks in local woods
  • Creative writing
  • Studying art and gardening
  • Family quizzes
  • Painting and creative crafts
  • Fishing 

Mental health and wellbeing feels more important than ever and we are pleased to see that so many of our students and staff participated in recognising Mental Health Awareness Week.

Remember to incorporate activities like these on a daily basis - even something small can make a big difference in supporting your mental health long term!