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Learning from the Army

Level 2 and Level 3 Public Serivces students spent the day with members of the Army.

Students learned about the different roles in the Army from the soldiers who came to spend the day with them.

Audrey started out working in the kitchens, but soon decided that that wasn't the job for her, so moved to working in the HR team, organising paychecks and all things human resources related. Our students were surprised to learn how one can easily transfer to a different unit/department provided that they have the right set of skills.

Matthew, a mechanical engineer for the Armed Forces, spoke of his experiences of having to repair tanks and machinery in quick time, and his ability to learn how to craft obscure objects out of the limited resources available. 




The first workshop related to Matthew's line of work: constructing a communications tower in the quickest time possible. Students really felt the pressure of only having 15 minutes to complete the task.


Workshop number two followed the same principal, however this time, they had to build a crane-like tower which could lift objects using a pull-rope system, that travelled through the tower. The public services students felt the pressure again, but relished the challenge, and enjoyed working with peers from the other level class.