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Life as a Global Youth Leader

 One of our amazing students, Fortune, has been doing some fantastic work as part of the GYLF, Global Youth Leaders Forum. 

We sat down with Fortune to find out more about the GYLF and his role within the organisation.

 What is the Global Youth Leaders Forum?

“The GYLF is a youth initiative established for nurturing young people on a global scale.

 How did you get involved with the GYLF?

“In 2014 I was invited to a GYLC (Global Youth Leaders Conference) in South Africa. After that, you become part of the GYLF; it was made for everyone who attends the conferences to stay in touch. The forum is there to also help people with what they learned and acquired at the conferences; that’s how I started.

 How long have you been a part of the GYLF?

“The conference was in 2014, so probably about 4-5 years now.

 What is your role?

“The first time I attended the conference, I was introduced to the GYLF and made a leader. As a leader, my role is to motivate and inspire other teenagers. I speak to people outside of the forum to teach them new skills, including leadership skills, to get them to be the best they can be. I also go out to help others and help people in the community.

 Do you host events for the GYLF?

“Since the GYLF is a forum, we have a lot of people from the United Kingdom who are a part of it. We all come together and plan for a conference or presentation where we can invite different schools or people from the community. Also you can individually go into a community and run a service. For example, I might take some friends to clear up a public area or help the elderly.

 What leadership skills have you learned, or alternatively, have taught others?

“In terms of leadership skills, the GYLF has taught me that my purpose, values, mind-set, habits, relationships, words and actions will tailor me to be a good leader. The GYLF is a Christian-based organisation, so I am a leader for both the GYLF and my local church. When I go to church, I hold sessions for teenagers alongside my pastor, where I teach them how to be the best possible version of themselves and how to overcome challenges.

  How do your Media skills help you with the GYLF?

“When I lived in Nigeria, I joined the media department of my church. From then on, they taught me all elements of media, and my passion grew. So when I moved to England in March last year, I wanted to carry on growing my skills.
I am currently the media head of the youth department at my current church. This means that I handle the graphics, banners and the sound.

  Have your skills helped you promote the GYLF?

“If we are holding a conference or an event, all the banners, the presentation, graphics and videos are all made by me. So actually the things I am learning in college I am implementing with the GYLF. I am also in charge of the social media for the church and GYLF UK.

  How would you tell students at the college to get involved?

“Students can get involved with the GYLF by coming to talk to me; I can teach them the skills I have learnt. You can also go to GYLF website and join. As the GYLF is all around the world, you just select your country and they will help you get involved!”

We look forward to seeing how Fortune will progress, and utilise the skills that he has learned.