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'Good' News!

In case you haven’t heard, we recently received a Good rating from Ofsted; this means that the college is in a great position to provide our students, staff and community the best we have to offer for them to flourish.

Instead of a letter or formal statement we have decided to let the report speak for itself and have pulled a few quotes from the report along with our thoughts - enjoy!

Student Focused

 “This is a welcoming and inclusive college where students, especially those who need   a bit of extra help to achieve, enjoy studying and feel safe. From the moment students   meet security staff at the front gates to their interaction with staff at all levels, they   know they are part of a college that supports them.” – Ofsted 2019

As an inclusive college we have students from all walks of life and of all ability levels, our mandate is to prepare each one for life after college by equipping them with all the skills they need. Every single member of staff on our site is dedicated to ensuring our students reach their full potential and achieve. Whether students come to us with 8s & 9s or 1s & 2s, we ensure they can better themselves and find success.  

Amazing Teachers

 “Teachers are adept at asking the right questions to check students’ understanding of   a subject. This helps students remember and apply their growing knowledge and   skills.” – Ofsted 2019

Its easy to forget that teachers are students as well, they are constantly improving via CPD, environmental learning and peer review. This ensures that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the best teaching to our students. Our teachers are amazing, and they should be celebrated as such!

Amazing Support Staff

  “Staff support students very effectively to achieve their best. They help students to   become more confident and independent. Staff help students develop skills in how to   organise their work and to find out more about what they are studying. They help   students improve their abilities to reflect critically on the quality of their work.   Consequently, students express their ideas fluently, using the knowledge they have   gained in their work.” - Ofsted 2019

Our teachers are not our only amazing assets, behind every teacher is our ever-busy support team. They ensure both students and other staff have all the tools needed to do their jobs or even just to lend an ear to worries or concerns. We are very proud of the lengths our staff go to provide the amazing staff they do. Especially Findlay, our Therapy dog!


  “The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff ensure that students are   safe. Staff are fully aware of their responsibilities to safeguard students. The   designated safeguarding lead is appropriately trained and effective in their role.   Students are safe and secure in their learning environments and feel that the college   is safe and inclusive. They know how to report concerns about themselves and others   and trust that staff will deal with these promptly. - Ofsted 2019

Our number one priority is the safety of our students, ensuring they have a safe and secure environment is paramount. Only when they are safe and secure can they focus on their learning and where it can take them. Our Safeguarding lead, Alex, works endlessly to ensure students and staff can enjoy such a comforting environment. Following his lead, our college community protects and safeguards against danger.


  “Leaders and managers work well with local business groups and partners to ensure   that courses are relevant to the changing needs of business. For example, they   developed a finance course to supply the skills that local employers need.” - Ofsted   2019

Work experience, development and progression are vital steps for today's youth, at SHC we first ensure that our courses fit the local and global need, then we endeavour to source placements, workshops and speakers to give our students that extra bit of experience to help them along their journey.


  “Leaders and managers have put in place a range of recreational activities which   enhance the curriculum.” - Ofsted 2019

  “Governors work well with leaders and managers and hold senior staff to account for   their performance in helping students to achieve at the college.” - Ofsted 2019

  “Senior leaders have a coherent strategy for courses that are suited to the students   who come to the college. They have put in place a curriculum that meets the diverse   needs of their students. It helps students who may not have succeeded in their   studies previously, for example, to find the right level programme for them to thrive   and move forwards in their education.” - Ofsted 2019

Strong leadership has helped us get to this point. By growing and nurturing our current and future leaders, we can further enrich our college leadership, who in turn devote their efforts to our staff and our students. With the guidance of our governors we are already on our way to the next step.

You can find the full report on our website here.

Thank you for your continued support, we will strive to become even greater by the time the next Ofsted comes around.

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