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Exploring Music Production will give students a chance to explore the different musical genres, research in to how different forms of music are recorded and mixed, the use of analogue vs digital, instruments and recording methods and how skills and techniques learned in the classroom could lead to careers in music production. 

Music Production is a practical unit and will help students develop skills to be able to explore their musical talents and begin to experiment with recording set-ups and devices. Those students who do not play an instrument, will have the opportunity to either collaborate with other students who do and look at ways of making sounds and building layers of sound without the use of an instrument. 

Sound Design for Media Products will involve consuming media products such as adverts or film scenes and studying how sound and music can contribute to the mood of visual media. Students will complete a project in this unit in collaboration with level 2 media students, creating audio to accompany the media students project work as well as scoring music for existing TV adverts/film scenes. 

The final two projects, Self-Promotion in the Music Industry and Music Project are linked together and will form the final project for the year. Students will study the effect social media has had on the music industry and take part in research in to branding and the influence of record labels on the artist. The skills gained from project work throughout the year will be utilised here as students think about a final piece of work either in the form of an original song/EP or a collaboration in a small group to create an original piece of music. 

Course Content

Course Content: 

  • Exploring Music Production 
  • Music Production 
  • Sound Design for Media Products 
  • Self-Promotion in the Music Industry 
  • Music Project 




Students will have at least four grade 3s at GCSE including English and Maths. 


Students will have some experience in either playing an instrument or creating music digitally. 



The course is intended to allow students to develop their understanding of this exciting industry in the interest of advancing to the level 3 course the following year.