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Level 2 Gaming gives students the opportunity to explore the enormous Gaming industry and its contributions to the UK and Global economy. Additionally, it provides learners an opportunity to explore Games from a creative perspective, developing their understanding of theory, artwork, narrative, sound and the making of simple games. This is an exciting opportunity for L2 students to begin early production of a Gaming portfolio ready to continue at Level 3 and consider pursuing a career in industry either through an apprenticeship, employment, or further study at Level 3 or Higher Education.

Course Content

This course includes:

  • Games Testing
  • Concept Art
  • Creating a Platform Game
  • Personal Progression


This is a level 2 course so the expectation is that students have at least four+ grade 3s in their GCSEs, including Maths and English Language.


This course is intended to allow students to develop their understanding of this exciting industry and gain the skills necessary to enter it and excel.