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BTEC Level 1 Diploma Applied Science

The BTEC Level 1 Diploma is a practical, work-related qualification and is available in a range of sectors, which will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to prepare for employment.

This qualification will provides a good grounding to go on to a more advanced course such as the BTEC Level 2 Applied Science course.

Depending on the outcomes, students can progress onto:

  • BTEC L2 Extended Diploma Applied Science
  • GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Course Content

Topics Covered

The BTEC Level 1 Science course is made up of the following 11 units:

  • Starting Work in the Science Sector
  • Using Equipment to Make Scientific Observations and Measurements
  • Skills and Techniques for Chemistry Investigations.
  • The Study of Living Systems
  • Physics and Our Universe
  • Growing Plants For Commercial Use
  • Causes of Disease and Maintaining Health
  • Forensic Detections
  • Healthier Living
  • Making and Testing Cosmetic Products
  • Science in the World

Students on this course complete a variety of practical activities including:

  • Making cosmetics
  • Growing plants
  • Forensic techniques

Entry Requirements

Students should have a range of GCSEs at grade 1/2, including maths and English. Entry onto this course will be heavily dependant on a successful interview. 


This course can be used as a springboard to launch your science career and can lead to access to further Science qualifications and lead ultimately to careers within any of the science fields.

You may wish to pursue a career working in a laboratory, bio-medical field or any science based industry.

This study programme will equip you with the necessary skills in English, maths and science that will help you succeed.