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A-Level Maths

The study of A-level Maths teach you to think logically and systematically, transferable skills that you will develop through problem solving and the application of mathematical knowledge and methods. You will develop applied skills in Statistics that will help you understand the world of data.  You will also learn about Mechanics where you will explore some of the Mathematics that relate to how objects move.

Maths is a facilitating subject – even if you don’t want to study maths at university, the skills that you will develop during the A-level are useful in other subject areas. Careers using maths are many and varied, and a Maths A-level may also give you the edge when competing for jobs that don’t specifically need mathematical knowledge, due to the importance that some employers place on the skills of logical thinking, problem solving and being able to follow processes.

Course Content

In year 1 you will study for the AS exams, studying aspects of Pure, Statistics and Mechanics.

In year 2 you will continue to develop your skills and sit the A Level at the end of your second year.


5 GCSEs grade 9-5, including a grade 6 in Maths.



  • Accountant
  • Statistician
  • Stockbroker
  • Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Actuary