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Consultation for Significant Change


Shooters Hill Sixth Form College (SHSFC) is consulting on making a significant change


  1. SHSFC is consulting on the proposal that it constructs a new 8 classroom building


  1. SHSFC is consulting on making a change to its Published Admission Number (PAN)



Shooters Hill Sixth Form College is situated in the London Borough of Greenwich.  The college serves an area of London with a mix of high levels of deprivation and affluence.  The student community reflects the diverse range of ethnic groups in the local area.  At the last Ofsted inspection in October 2019, there were 1200 students aged 16 to 19 on entry to level 3 courses.  Around a third of students were on courses at level 3.  The rest of the students were evenly split between entry, level 1 and level 2 vocation programmes.  The college had 200 students with high needs, of whom two thirds are on vocational study programmes and one third in discrete provision.  The college received a ‘Good’ rating.

Since its last inspection, the College has increased the capacity to approximately 1570 students, and remains heavily over-subscribed, receiving in excess of 2000 applications.  The college draws 90% of its students from 3 London boroughs, namely Greenwich (52%), Bexley (16%) and Lewisham (21%). This equates to 7.6% of the market share of all students leaving secondary education within these 3 boroughs. If this 7.6% share is sustained over the next 4 years the college can expect to expand up to 1,777 students, an additional 279 enrolments.  Over the next five years the number of students leaving school at the end of year 11 is set to rise by 18%. The college market share is 13%, 4% and 5% respectively of the three main boroughs. A further 0.19% of students are taken from the surrounding London boroughs. A conservative estimate would see a growth of approximately 240.

Using the current market share projected over the next five years, the college is set to increase its numbers substantially. Significant work has been done around student progression pathways, and although the current year 12 to year 13 percentage has been used to calculate growth, it is anticipated that this percentage will rise over time.  The ability of the college to tailor its provision and realign its strategic intents and provide a truly inclusive local offer is unique within the sixth form sector. As the organisation continues to be the local college of choice, the potential for continued success cannot be overstated.

Shooters Hill Sixth Form College has a strong track record of being highly inclusive.  Services and infrastructure enable young people with the widest range of abilities, needs, interests and experiences, the opportunity to participate fully in all of its programmes and facilities.  This remains at the core of the offer and is supported by sustained evidence of growth over the past four years and high demand for inclusive and SEND places at the College.

Alignment to local need

All areas of the college are experiencing growth, but the most significant increase can be seen in the department of Care and Early Years, which encompasses careers within the health care and education sector.

The current accommodation operates within 121 workplaces with a room utilisation of 95%. The current application and offers status is up by 103 students compared to the same time last year. Therefore, expansion of the accommodation in this area into a designated block would satisfy the college vision and strategic intent to becoming a Centre of Excellence within the Health and Social Care sector through the creation of a ‘CARE Academy’ within the overall Academy.

This growth strategy is in line with the London Skills Advisory panel and the Mayor of London – Local Skills report March 2021, which identifies a skills shortage in vacancies of 32% in the Health and social work sector.

Project Proposal

A proposed construction of a new 8-class General Teaching block to expand mainstream teaching provision at the College.

Additional capacity within general teaching accommodation maximises flexibility in timetabling and curriculum use across the college.  This will also serve to reduce pressure on the existing undersized Inclusive Learning and SEND facilities, which can expand. This allows the flexibility to adapt the scale of the SEND offering to reflect demographic need, whilst maintaining it as an inclusive department at the core of the college.

New build general teaching increases net capacity due to larger group sizes, and at a lower cost/m² rate with no specialist provision required.  No conversion works would be required within existing buildings minimising cost risks and maintaining a clear differentiation between Expansion and Condition funding programmes.

Based on Building Bulletin 103 (BB103) minimum area guidelines, the provision of 8 General Teaching classrooms at 55m² each would generate additional capacity of up to 208 mainstream workplaces.

The proposed development would be approximately 714m² and has been developed in line with the Strategic Asset Management Plan commissioned by the College, taking into account potential Condition and Suitability projects and allowance for further future expansion on the site.


Through this ‘Significant Change’ we will;

  • Help address the skills shortage gap in London
  • Create additional space in response to the increase in mental health and well-being issues as a result of the pandemic and the need for more health professionals at all levels
  • Accommodate the increasing numbers of students applying to the college
  • Take Teaching Further through high quality vocational CPD
  • Free up space in the vocational specialist zones to allow an increase in intake in shortage areas
  • Create a community resource in order to support disadvantaged families post pandemic

The College has been on a successful improvement journey over the last 5 years as a result of a dynamic, community led vision and 5-year strategy.  Governance is now a strength following a review of the Board, including the appointment of a new Chair and Vice Chair. The College now has Trustees with the appropriate skills set, including estates management, to ensure delivery of this ambitious project to the deadline.  

Governors are currently working with staff, students and other stakeholders to create a new strategy for the next 5 years. We feel strongly that this significant change will give the Academy the capacity to continue to make a difference to our students within our diverse and inclusive community.

Consultation period – tell us your views

We would welcome your views on the proposals set out in this document.

Public Consultations will take place on the following date and time at Shooters Hill Sixth Form College.

Tuesday 29th March 2022 from 6.00pm – 7.00pm

If you wish to comment, please ensure these are received by the end of the consultation period, which ends on Friday 15th April 2022

When responding to this consultation it would be helpful if you could describe your association, if any, with SHSFC.

Comments may be sent by the following routes:-

Email to:

Or by post to;

Geoff Osborne, Principal

Shooters Hill Sixth Form College

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