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14-16 Junior College

A New Way To Learn

Our new 14-16 Junior College offers young people a new path on their educational journey. 

Unlike traditional secondary schools, our KS4 pathways offer additional vocational routes for students to follow alongside their GCSEs. This allows students to get a head start with their chosen career path or simply gives them more options to try before confirming what they want to do after they have completed their GCSEs.

We have a nurturing and supportive ethos and a safe and secure environment. We encourage our young people to become independent young adults, allowing them to take control of their future in a grown-up environment with a college-based approach. 

Following our programme young people can get ready for life with a new way to learn. 

It’s their future and their choice. 

This programme is ideal for students who have dropped out of mainstream education to be homeschooled for any reason.

Your Child's Future - Your Child's Choice

Our pathways have a greater emphasis on vocational and practical skills. They are taught by teachers with industry experience with a college teaching methodology. 

In addition to GCSE maths, English, double science and sociology, students also choose one of the vocational subjects below:

Health & Social Care - Creative Arts & Media - Engineering & Building Services - Digital Services 

How To Join

Young people can join us one of the following ways:

1. Your child's school can refer them to us via our 14-16 referral process.

2. If you child is not in a school, you can contact your local authority who will make a referral.

Please note, we cannot take direct referrals from students or parents.

Additional Information

Highlights & Benefits

  • Progression Promise - Students who complete our 14-16 programme are able to progress to our college automatically with no need to apply or be interviewed. 
  • High level of supportive resources 
  • Progression pathways to employment & higher education 
  • Work experience in college business 
  • Opportunities to have college taster sessions and observations 
  • 4 Vocational Academies to choose from 
  • Supportive and nurturing environment
  • Access to wider college facilities and resources 
  • College-level careers guidance and work experience support and opportunities 
  • Opportunities to observe and join college classes throughout the year 
  • Tailored for students who struggle within Mainstream or PRU provisions 
  • Guaranteed entry into college upon successful completion of 14-16 pathway 


Q. My child been kicked out of school, can they still join?
A. The 14-16 Junior College is not a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) so depending on the reason they were expelled, we may not be the most suitable place to study. Your local authority will access your case and decide if a referral to us or a PRU is more suitable. 

Q. My child has a high level of anxiety in school settings, how can you help?
A. As well as a sensory room and various chill out spots, we have a stellar support record and years of experience. When we meet you and your child we will work with you to find the best way to accommodate and support them.  

Q. Is there a uniform?
A. Yes, students are expected to wear smart trousers and a jumper along with their tie.

Q. Is there a fee?
A. There are no fees associated with this course.

Q. Can I join if i am younger than 14 or older than 16?
A. This programme is strictly for students between the ages of 14-16. Students older than 16 can apply for our college via the website application form here. Students younger than 14 should get in touch with the local education authority.

Q. What is the difference from a main stream school?
A. Our pathways have a greater emphasis on vocational and practical skills. They are taught by teachers with industry experience with a college teaching methodology. We have tutorials that are specially tailored to their area of study so students are getting information that is important to them. 

Q. What are the progression routes? 
Students can progress to any of our A-Level, T-Level, BTEC, NVQ or apprenticeship courses upon completion. Students will be given progression guidance so that they are aware of the multitude of opportunities available to them.

Application process  

Application Process 

Referral Assessment

Once we receive your child’s referral, we will assess it to ensure we are able to accommodate them.

College Admissions Visit

Once the referral has been approved, we will invite you and your child in to visit the college and have a discussion with our admissions team. You will be given a tour of the 14-16 Junior College and given the vital information to finalise your child’s application to join us.

Sample Day with the Principal

Once your child has a place with us, they will be invited for a sample day so they can get a taste of the different subjects on offer to ensure they are happy with their choice. Your child will meet the important teachers, members of support staff and have a discussion with the Principal regarding their future at the college.

Enrolment & Induction Day

The first day of 14-16 Junior College will be focused on ensuring your child has all the resources and information they need to make sure they are ready to learn and achieve their best.