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Thursday 20th August - Friday 28th August 2020

If you have already received your grades and have your student ID you can pre-enrol now!

What You Will Need

5 minutes to complete the enrolment form

A suitable photograph for your student I.D or a camera to take one

Proof of your final grades

Enrolment Rules

Ensure that your photograph meets the requirements below

Ensure that your name and qualifications are readable on the photograph you send

Submitting someone else's grades and/or photograph will result in immediate termination of your application

So what's next?

Most students will be receiving their final grades on GCSE results day (Thursday 20th August) and this is when you should aim to submit your enrolment form. If you already have your GCSE results, you can complete your form now.
Please do not submit your form until you have your final results as we will not be able to process your enrolment.

If you have not yet made an application, please apply before completing the online enrolment form.



Online Enrolment Process 

1. Complete and submit your online enrolment form here.
2. Our staff will process your form and send you an email to confirm your enrolment and the course we have placed you on.
3. If there is a problem with the form we will email or call you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
4. You will receive information regarding your induction day.

Photo Requirements 

Please submit a photo that is as clear as possible and matches your appearance.
If the photo submitted cannot be used for your student ID we will contact you for a replacement.
If you do not have the ability to take a photo we will take your photo during induction week.

Photo Guidance:
  • Look directly into the camera
  • If you wear glasses, ensure that there is no glare in the lenses
  • Filters and edited photos cannot be used
  • Hair and head-coverings should be kept off of the face as much as possible
  • Use a plain background where possible
  • Smiling is allowed
  • Ensure that your head and shoulders are visible



Course options & Requirements 

Using the document below, you can view all of our courses, both vocational and A-Level.
Here you will find the levels that are available for each of our courses and the minimum grades also required for each course.

Having trouble viewing the document? You can download it at the bottom of the page, titled 'Grade Reference Sheet'.

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What happens next? - Induction 

Once you have been enrolled you'll be invited to induction, details will be emailed to you so please ensure you check your inbox.

Frequently asked questions 

Q. I can't take a photograph for my student I.D, what should I do?
If you do not have an appropriate photograph to send and cannot take one, please submit your form anyway - we will take your photo at induction, instead.

Q. I can't take a picture of my grades/didn't receive them, what should I do?
If you have your grades via email from your school you can upload the email or document. If you have no way to send them at all, please submit your form without them. We will try to obtain them via your school, which may slow down the process as we cannot confirm your enrolment until we have your grades.

Q. I'm home schooled or left school so don't have any qualifications, can I still apply?
Of course you can, select a course you like the sound of and we will start you on a foundation or level 1. You can work towards a higher level until you achieve your goal.

Q. I don't have the grades for the subject I want to do, should I pick it anyway?
Please don't do this, make sure you check the course options and requirements to select a course that is suitable both for your grades and interests. You can work towards getting the grades you need this year so you can select it next year.

Q. I've changed the course I want to do since my interview, do I need to reapply or have another interview?
There is no need to reapply or attend another interview, just select the new course you want to do on the enrolment form.

Q. I need additional learning support and have an EHCP, what should I do?
Make sure you tick the EHCP box on the form. Shortly after enrolment a member of the support team will be in touch, either before your induction or during induction week. If you have not previously told us about your EHCP we may take a while longer to process your enrolment while we clairify your EHCP details with your local borough. 

Q. Is it too late for my friend to apply to enrol?
Not at all, they can make an application here where they will be given a temporary student ID they can use to enrol online.

Q. I can't complete the enrolment form, can I come in instead?
If there is absolutely no way you can complete the form online and you have already been offered a place, please contact us using the button above.

Q. My friend didn't attend an interview and was still invited to enrolment, could I lose my place to them?
Students who were made offers at interviews have priority over new applications or students who did not attend an interview event.
However, we have expanded our capacity and there should be a place available for most students who want to study with us, provided they you have the entry requirements needed for your chosen course.

Q. I have been offered a course I didn't apply for, is this a mistake?
There are a number of scenarios that may result in us offering you different course from the one you applied for. This could be due to course cancellation, a course being full, incompatible grades and more. If you are not happy with this decision you can speak to your tutor at induction and ask for a transfer - transferring to a different course will not put your place at risk.
If you believe we have simply made a mistake, please let us know via the contact us tab above. Please be aware that we will be unable to deal with these requests immediately, however we will do our best to ensure that there is a place for you available on the course of your choice.